EXILE-Kulturkoordination – Non-profit organization for intercultural and international projects in the fields of education and culture

Media such as music, theatre, literature or the fine arts are a particularly useful means to get an insight into the views and experiences of people from other countries and continents. Below you will find our cultural and educational offers which reflect the potential of cultural diversity in Germany. With our work we want to contribute to our society becoming more open to different cultures and more diversity, especially in the areas of culture and education. EXILE-Kulturkoordination e.V. organizes artists, bands, theatre groups, authors and experts from abroad, especially Southern countries, but also from Germany. Our goal is, in particular, to support people with a migration background in their artistic work.

What all artists have in common is their professionalism as well as the intention to show different lifestyles and fill their audience with enthusiasm for a new multicultural point of view. Here you can find background information on different artists and groups.