Alternative harbour tour Duisburg - seeing the harbour with different eyes

The Port of Duisburg is an important economic factor, especially for Duisburg as an industrial location, and makes a significant contribution to coping with structural change in the region.

The award of the city of Duisburg as a "Fairtrade Town" also obliges it to name the downsides and to promote greater awareness of fair production conditions as well as social and environmentally friendly manufacturing and trading structures. A diverse programme, accompanied and accentuated by theme-related accordion music with and without cabaret.

The Alternative Harbour Tour offers the opportunity to experience the tension of the diverse activities in Europe's largest inland port from different perspectives.

In the year 2019 dates will be offered again. These will be announced here in good time.

Further information:

Martin Schaper, Third World Information Centre

Phone: 0203/370304 (also answering machine)


Organizer community:

Martin Schaper, Infostelle „Dritte Welt“

Telefon: 0203/370304 (auch Anrufbeantworter)



Infostelle „Dritte Welt“ des Ev. Kirchenkreises Duisburg (Koordination)

Kirchlicher Dienst in der Arbeitswelt Duisburg Niederrhein (Koordination)

Bürgerinitiative Saubere Luft e.V.

Duisburger Stiftung für Umwelt, Gesundheit und Soziales

Ev. Binnenschifferdienst/ Dt. Seemannsmission Duisburg

Exile Kulturkoordination e.V.

Umweltforum Duisburg


Fotos oben: Hans Hilger