A place. Somewhere -
International Cartoon Competition

Never before have so many people across the world become refugees or have chosen to leave their home countries for some reason. UNHCR – the United Nations High Commission for Refugees – estimates that there are currently about 60 million refugees, and the numbers are increasing every year. In addition there are those who take flight, unregistered and unseen, within the family or in secrecy across borders, who do not appear in any statistics and whose numbers can only be guessed at. Today there are 250 million people worldwide living in a country other than the country of their birth.

There are as many reasons for this state of affairs as there are for the fates of the individuals concealed behind the figures. They leave their homes to escape poverty and a lack of prospects, to flee war, environmental destruction, the consequences of climate change, the effects of discrimination and persecution on account of their gender or sexual orientation, and because they belong to a different ethnie or religion or hold a different political viewpoint.

The consequences for those affected, their families and friends, are enormous. Uprootedness, life as a refugee living in a camp or a home, of which only a fraction are in Europe or other western countries, confront people with severe and bitter problems. What all these people have in common is the desire to reach a place where life is better and more worth living, and to spend their lives in dignity and peace.

But where are attempts to remove the structural causes of poverty and marginalization through education, participation, medical care, humane workplaces, tolerance and cultural diversity to be found?

Where are there successful attempts to create living conditions such that people will stay at home or return there rather than opt for perilous ways of escape?

And where have there been attempts to enable people to live in dignity and security and to put down roots in a new home?

With the International Cartoon Competition “A Place. Somewhere” the EXILE Cultural Coordination had called on international artists to submit their experiences, impressions and views on the subject of flight and migration in an artistic form. By the deadline, 319 artists from 64 countries submitted a total of 671 pictures.

The jury nominated the following winners of the competition “A place. Somewhere” - International cartoons:

   1. Saman Torabi / Iran
    2. Anne Derenne / Spain
     3. Abbas Naaseri / Iran

The exhibition shows a selection of the submitted works and helps voicing experiences from all over the world. The artistically impressive caricatures illustrate the broad spectrum of the subject of flight and migration, the difficulties, obstacles and pain of leaving home and family, as well as the hope for a better future and the support and acceptance. They also address the criticism of structural conditions and obstacles, and the perception of different, sometimes frightening, social responses.

The exhibition aims to stimulate awareness and drive the issue of flight and migration to answer the question: What are the options that will help to improve conditions for the refugees and to combat causes of flight?

82 works will be presented in the traveling exhibition, which can be borrowed. In addition to the exhibition, a catalog was printed and can be purchased. For more Information contact:

Christine.link@exile-ev.de / 0201-74798820