„FrauenWelten – International Cartoon Competition“

In 2019 the exhibition consisting of 103 works will be offered for rent for the last time.

In the last hundred years, gender equality in Germany has undergone a tremendous development, but it has also suffered many setbacks. The path taken so far has therefore not been an easy one from the get-go. If discrimination on the grounds of gender was eliminated, new fields of work and obstacles were and are emerging elsewhere. And this is still true today! The catchwords of our time sexism, feminism, anti-feminism and Parité sent out a clear message.

How women in various countries of the world shape their lives under such conditions, which perspectives and life strategies are possible in these women worlds, was topic of our 8th international cartoon competition.

A total of 375 artists from 70 countries worldwide took part with a total of 875 caricatures. The jury was surprised by the broad international participation, the thematic diversity and the high artistic quality of the entries. The awarding of the ten best drawings and the selection of 100 more for the catalogue and our travelling exhibition was not easy.

The remarkable selection of multi-perspective caricatures reflects with fine irony and pointed pen the still current life realities of women worldwide and offers with critical humour an exciting examination of the different perspectives of the "Women's Worlds" - especially with voices and pictures from the Global South.


Christine Link

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