House of Hope

„Every child is entitled to dream, to grow, to enrich her or his life. Help turn their dreams into reality.“

The House of Hope Art and Culture Education Centre will fulfil that dream for the lives of many young South Africans. Prof. Denis Goldberg* is a well-known anti-apartheid and human rights activist. He has devoted his life to creating a democratic and fair South Africa, a place where all of its citizens, especially children, can hope for a better future. The House of Hope will be a positive space to help build the future of disadvantaged youth in Hout Bay.

Support the House of Hope and the Denis Goldberg Legacy Foundation with your donations - small or large - and help Denis Goldberg make this dream come true!

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Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. Denis Goldberg, initiator of the House of Hope, was born in Cape Town/South Africa in 1933 as the son of Jewish immigrants. He spent 22 years in South African prisons as an activist against the apartheid regime. Since his release in 1985, he has served as his country's "secret ambassador" for the end of racial segregation and has provided information about his country. He has received numerous national and international awards for his work.

Shortly before his death in 2020, South African social campaigner and freedom fighter, Denis Goldberg, made one final public appearance on the grounds where his long awaited project, the Denis Goldberg House of Hope was about to be erected: Denis Goldberg House of Hope - Inaugural Concert 2020