1982 : Die in der Fremde arbeiten ... –
Zeichnungen und Karikaturen

Gesthuisen, Birger & Tina Jerman (Eds. 1982): Die in der Fremde arbeiten... – Zeichnungen und Karikaturen. 2nd edition. Moers: Edition Aragon.  

ISBN 3-88974-0002-2       

Catalogue to the exhibition of the same title.

The exhibition shows cartoons, collages and drawings of artists from Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Yugoslavia. The drawings deal with the difficult situation of migrant workers from the artists’ countries who immigrated to Germany in the Seventies and Eighties. They draw a critical picture of the “guest” workers’ lives. Based on an idea by Tayfun Demir, the exhibition was the first project of EXILE-Kulturkoordination e.V.. It was presented more than 100 times in Germany and other European countries.

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