Since 2008, the "Politische Salon Essen" has been a series of talks in the Café Central International of the Grillo-Theater, designed by various civil society actors in Essen.

In view of the ten-year running time, we are also asking ourselves the question: "All for nothing?" in the 2018/2019 season. Is the attempt in vain to let different opinions have their say in a fair argument? Have the efforts been in vain to point out repeatedly where there would be political leeway to improve the living conditions of people all over the world? Are the debates on how peace can be shaped in this world in vain?

We think: no - and therefore invite again to join in the discussion and to experience how valuable the discourse about humane and action can be for a future worth living in all parts of the world. We ask about global connections and effects of our lifestyle, about sustainable models of living together in heterogeneous societies here and worldwide and about our responsibility for the future of our home planet.

On five evenings, interesting guests will discuss topics such as sustainability, human rights and "One World" with the audience.

Dates: 12.11.2018, 14.1.2019, 4.2.2019, 8.4.2019, 20.5.2019

All events will take place at 20 o'clock in the
Café Central International at the Grillo-Theater Essen.
Admission is free!

Please register at: politischer-salon-essen@exile-ev.de

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