1991 : Sol'buyisa – We'll get it back –
Theaterszene Südafrika '91

Infobox: Jerman, Tina & Franz X.A. Zipperer (Eds. 1991): Sol'buyisa -We'll get it back – Theaterszene Südafrika '91 Essen: stattwerk e.G.  

ISSN-Nr: 0720-26790720-2679    

A cooperation of IKA and the SOL’BUYISA organizing team (ZAKK e.V., EXILE-Kulturkoordination e.V., junges forum/DGB and others).

“Apartheid destroys culture. It is directed against the whole intellectual and cultural development of a society.” These sentences formed the basis for a number of artists and other cultural professionals to establish an initiative called “Kulturinitiative gegen Apartheid”. The goal of this initiative was to show how much power and future lies in the collaboration of black and white artists. They also organized protests and events against apartheid and racism. In 1991 EXILE-Kulturkoordination e.V. and ZAKK organized a road festival with theatre groups from South Africa under the same title. The festival toured Germany and awoke the audience’s curiosity for South African culture.
The catalogue offers important background information on the lives of black and white citizens during the South African apartheid regime.