Kultur und Agenda 21

Jerman, Tina (Ed. 2001): ZUKUNFTsFORMEN – Kultur und Agenda 21. 2nd edition. Dokumentation 56. Bonn-Essen: Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft – Klartext Verlag.  

ISBN 3-923064-75-6

At the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio, 180 states adopted Agenda 21 to ensure a sustainable 21st century. The change towards more participatory economic, ecological and social politics has far-reaching consequences on cultural policies which need to be investigated and tested. At the UNESCO conference in Stockholm in 1998, culture was considered to be an area of high importance for sustainable development. Art can challenge previous concepts of development and help communicate different views of other cultures.

This book describes culture as a process, an intercultural dialog and a way to participate. The authors discuss and analyse the complexity of social and cultural developments and stimulate a debate on the mutual challenges of culture and sustainability.

4 / 4