The KaffeeGartenRuhr - Global learning in a green classroom

The extracurricular place of learning in the model garden in the Grugapark Essen provides vivid information about coffee, cocoa, sugar, cotton and fair trade. These products are considered in connection with the world development goals of the United Nations (SGDs).

On five information pillars, you can discover more about botany, cultivation and processing, about the living and working environment of the producers as well as about world trade and fair trade.

Two banners show cultural aspects as well as the history of industry and trade. The economic dependencies, shaped by colonialism, still determine the relationship between consumer and production countries today.

The outdoor area is accessible all year round. From May to October, you can also see real coffee trees in the KaffeeGartenRuhr. The van Eupen Haus is open on Saturday and Sunday afternoons during the garden season when the weather is fine.

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