A variety of impressions can be gained through national and international art. For many years, Exile e.V. has been calling on international artists in competitions to share their perspectives on development issues. The resulting exhibitions show works on different realities of life and from the most diverse perspectives.

Ein Ort. Irgendwo

A place. Somewhere

With the International Caricature Competition ‘One Place. Somewhere’, Exile e.V. had called on international artists to send in their experiences, impressions and views on the topic of flight and migration in artistic form. By the closing date, 319 people from 64 countries had sent in a total of 671 pictures.

The exhibition of the same name consists of 82 works of these artworks and can be lent and presented as a travelling exhibition.


In the last hundred years, gender equality in Germany has experienced tremendous development, but has also had to endure many a setback. The path taken so far has therefore not been an easy one from the start. If one gender discrimination was eliminated, new fields of work and hurdles appeared and continue to appear elsewhere. And this continues today! The buzzwords of our time sexism, feminism, antifeminism and parity speak a clear language.

The remarkable selection of multi-perspective caricatures reflects the realities of women’s lives worldwide with fine irony and a pointed pen and offers an exciting examination of the different perspectives of “FrauenWelten” with critical humour – especially also with voices and images from the Global South.

In cooperation with the eed, the exhibition and a catalogue “FrauenWelten” were produced in 2003 on the basis of an international caricature competition.


Dritte Welt im Zweiten Weltkrieg

Am 1. September 2009, dem 70. Jahrestag des Kriegsbeginns in Europa (!), erlebte eine umfangreiche Wanderausstellung in Berlin ihre Premiere.

Recherche international hat inzwischen auch eine englische Version der Ausstellung produziert, die nach ihrer Premiere von Februar bis Juni 2017 in Kapstadt durch mehrere Städten Südafrikas tourte.

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