LAND UND STADT: Malawi, Rumphi




Development Action for Marginalized Rural Areas (DAMRA) is a non-governmental organization operating in some of the most marginalized rural areas in Northern Malawi districts. The organization was formed in March 2004 by some concerned citizens. By establishing DAMRA the members believe the rural communities can be empowered through sustainable development initiatives with support from DAMRA staff. In order to create a sense of ownership and ensure project sustainability, all DAMRA programs in all impact areas are conducted in a participatory manner.

DAMRA is inspired by the vision of hunger free communities in the most marginalized areas of Rumphi district. DAMRA envisions food secure, healthy communities motivated and empowered to improve their living standards through their own sustainable development initiatives.

DAMRA exists to facilitate positive, village led social change by empowering, supporting and equipping communities with necessary skills through participatory, gender, youth and environmentally sensitive methodologies.

To see thriving, healthy, self reliant families and communities in the most hard to reach rural areas in Malawi.

Organizational Strategic Objectives

  • Food Security
  • Health
  • Education
  • Youths Development
  • Mainstreaming of Gender
  • HIV and AIDS
  • the Environment

DAMRA will see increased agricultural production and reduced hunger, improved health, reduced illiteracy levels and active youth participation in the impact areas. DAMRA recognizes the need to include women and youth empowerment in all aspects of the organization and its various projects. Development and the environment are interlinked; DAMRA therefore strives to be environmentally friendly in all areas of its work.

1. Food security: Irrigation and sustainable agriculture projects are promoted for rural women groups
2. Education: Development of infrastructure for primary school education in rural schools and promotion of early grade reading for lower classes in rural primary schools
3. Youth Empowerment: Promotion of youth involvement in development and sports
4. Enterprise Development: DAMRA promotes small scale business targeting women groups within the rural set-ups


DAMRA and International Project Aid (IPA)