LAND UND STADT: Gulu, Uganda



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We are GWAD – The “Grassroots Women’s and Men’s Association for Development (GWAD)”. Based in Gulu, Uganda, in 1998, we are an officially registered and well-established non-profit organization. We are politically and religiously independent. Our goal is to reduce poverty at the grassroots level. To do so, we empower rural communities around Gulu economically, socially, politically and culturally. To learn more, check our accomplished and current projects.

Until today, our vision is to transform the lives of these women, men and whole communities from poverty, insecurity and injustice to prosperity and equality.

Our mission is to mobilize and promote the participation of grassroots people to empower them to respond to the needs of their households, communities and enjoy their right to a decent life in dignity. Therefore as GWAD, we empower women and men to improve their socio-economic security to enable them to stand up for their human rights.



Sasakawa Global Africa, Solidaridad, Muni University, National Agriculture Research Oraganization