LAND UND STADT: Hout Bay, Südafrika



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At Kronendal Music Academy we provide a stable, safe and nurturing afternoon environment where the magic of music tuition develops 21st Century skills, builds children’s self-confidence and instils a sense of belonging, leading to enhanced cognitive, emotional and social skills.

We focus on the physical, mental and emotional well-being of every child and facilitate healing processes that give our young people the resilience needed when dealing with life’s setbacks and stresses.

Over the last 15 years we have developed a model that places the child’s well-being in the centre of everything we do. Our award-winning Music Course, Pupil Wellness activities, our comprehensive Psycho-Social Support Programmes and Zero Dropout School Assistance, all combine to create platforms from which we give these future citizens of our country the tools they need to

  • thrive
  • be employable
  • create opportunities to rise out of the cycle of poverty and
  • ultimately raise their own children differently.

We run 4 programmes concurrently:

  • Our Music Course
  • Psycho-Social Programme (Music Therapy, Peer Mentors and Focus Groups)
  • Pupil Health and Wellness (School bus and Lunch Club)
  • Zero Dropout Programme (School homework assistance and school subject tutors, high school and tertiary admissions support and KMA Heroes)



PARTNERSCHAFT: Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport, National Lotteries Commission, 7 local schools in Hout Bay